Art Gallery Hotel Haifa - Haifa attractions

Gallery Hotel is located in the heart of Haifa City in Hadar neighborhood, which is an old one. In Hadar there are shopping centers, variety shops and bazaars, pedestrian only Street, colorful market which are within walking distance only a short distant from our hotel.

Gallery Hotel is located within walking distance or short time drive from museum centers, Bahai gardens, German Colony and government offices. Gallery Hotel is in front of the Public Theatre and near several fascinating most famous attractions of Haifa City. Its location enables brief visits out of Haifa to all tourism attractions in the North.

The hotel is within a short distance drive of about 5-10 minutes from Haifa port, and about 15 minutes from Haifa airport and 65 minutes from Ben Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv.

Estimated walking and driving distances from the hotel are attached by, for your convenience.

Bahai Gardens

(about 5-10 min driving, 15 min walking)

The Bahai Shrine, its' golden cap and the fascinating attractive gardens around it are altogether the Bahai World Center of the Bahai faith religion which motto is equality, tolerance and visual esthetic. The international attraction of Haifa city presents those Bahai Gardens, which are most spectacular worthwhile visiting. The gardens are spread up from top of mount Carmel down to Haifa German colony and the bay and altogether create amazing scene day and night. 19 terraces of gardens, fountains, and promenades, which are wide, open to visitors no charge.There are also guided tours and open areas attractions for visitors, observation points viewing breathtaking unique scenery.

Open areas for visitors:
otherwise wouldn't be let inside holy places for the Bahai. Guided tours in the Bahai Gardens should be ordered in advance through Haifa tourist Board – invitation center of the Bahai Gardens free of charge- phone number 972-4-8313131.

המושבה הגרמנית

German Colony

(about 5 min driving, 15 min walking)

Reconstructed German Colony in Haifa is also a center of spending a pleasant time, attracting with a variety of restaurants, coffee house, pubs, and shopping centers, which are very pleasant and colorful. The visitors have fun and pleasant time walking in a surrounding of beautiful old artistic houses which create unique magical feelings while touring. Guided tours also take place in the German Colony day and night time through Haifa Tourist Board in advanced registry. Dial up number 1-800-30-50-90.

The templers established the German Colony in the year 1869 by templerian German society who arrived to the holly land in purpose of preparing the citizens of Haifa city for the Messiahs arrival. All happened according with the Christian values in a way of fulfillment and a personal example. One can see the templers affection upon modernization processes in fields of trade, construction, transportation, agriculture, buildings, and a lot more in the past until their expulsion by the British people, which took place during second world war.

Stella Maris church and monastery

(about 15 min driving)

Address: Stella Maris Road phone number: 972-4-8337758 "the sea star".This is one of the most beautiful places in Israel on which mount Carmel meats the sea and all rich green headed to the scene of a deep blue sea – outstanding chapel and the Carmelites lineup. Opening hours for visitors: 8:00-12:00 mornings 15:00-18:00 afternoons.

Elijah's cave

(about 15 min driving)

A cave of which was a center of activities for Elijah the profit and attracts pilgrims of all three religions in Haifa.Opening hours for visitors
Sunday- Thursday 8:00-18:00, Friday 8:00-13:00, closed on Saturdays.
El Istiklal mosque
(about 5 min driving)

A cave of which was a center of activities for Elijah the profit and attracts pilgrims of all three religions in Haifa.Opening hours for visitors
Sunday- Thursday 8:00-18:00, Friday 8:00-13:00, closed on Saturdays.


(about 15 min driving)

Phone Number972-4- 8385002 A very special neighborhood in Haifa city, which located nearby Carmel Center and upon which "Mosque Machmud" stands in the middle of it. This neighborhood populated with mostly Moslems citizens from the "Achmad sect". Transportation to reach by bus number 34 from Mercaz Hacarmel.

Haifa el Old – the Carmel Station neighborhood

A very interesting famous grave cave from period of Second House, which was craved in a gravel rock.
Main central synagogue
Located on Hertzl St.(near Gallery Hotel)

At the front there is a special artistic graphing of Elijah the profit with the symbol of the 12 tribes and the 7-candle lamp.

Massada St. and Hillel St.

(about 10 min walking)

Small comfortable colorful street located in the heart of the historical Hadar neighborhood. The "little Haifaian village" is full with attractions of extraordinary coffee houses, art galleries and ancient antiques, second hand shops, restaurants in a stylistic full of life surrounding.

Hacarmel range area

(about 10 min driving)

Starts on the Moriah Boulevards and goes through Carmel Center, Gan Ha-Em ,Hannassi boulevard until Stella Maris. 24 hours a day of a genuine city vital full of life with a variety of shops, restaurants, coffee houses, pubs, club centers and cultural clubs.

Hagafen House and Nisnas Vadi.

(about 10 min walking) Located on 2 Hagefen St.

Beit Hagafen is the Jewish -Arabic famous center, an art gallery, street gallery and Arab original theater, which located in one of the unique colorful neighbors of Haifa city. In the Arab – Jewish neighborhood that is a symbol of living together side-by -side, one can find authentic markets, alleyways, snack bars, restaurants and coffee houses that serves best oriental meals. There are also combined roads of artistic creativity with the Valley scenes. The most talked about event of the year is the one who is dedicated to the celebration of all three religions in Haifa and happen during January-December months. The event of the 3 religion celebrations of Christmas-Ramadan-Hanukah involves a universal festival, which is very big and quite impressive. For further details please contact phone number: 972-4-8525251

Rappaport center for culture and art

(about 10 min driving)

Events, concerts, theatre shows, dance shows and musical shows in big modern halls on Carmel Center, including the Haifa Cinematec for masterpiece movie films Address:
7 Machanaim St. Haifa
Phone number:

Haifa Theatre center on the name of Meirhof

(in front of Gallery Hotel)

Best original shows of "Haifa Theatre" also multilingual shows and guest shows as well are presented.
Address: 50 Pevzner St., Hadar, Haifa.

Technion – the high Israel institute for technological education

(about 10 min driving)

It is located on Neve- Shaanan neighborhood. The institute is well known and famous through all over the world because of the high standard study of science and its scientific achievements. It presents "Coler California Visitors Center" which presents demonstration and multimedia show centers about the institute.It also shows developments and contribution to science and humanity.
Address: Technion Campus, Technion City, Haifa- Neve-Shaanan Phone
Opening hours – Coler Center: guided tours on Sunday-Thursday 10:00,12:00,14:00.
Friday-Saturday – closed.

Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum

(about 10 min driving)

Presents the history of the Israeli Navy and the immigration story. Fascinating light & sound show, guided tours, exhibit of clandestine ship "Af-Al-Pi-Chen", which ran the British blockade during the mandatory period, and the famous sunken submarine "Dakar" exhibit anchor .
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 8:30-16:00 Friday and holiday evenings 8:00-12:00 (activities must be prearranged on phone)
Address: 204, Allenby St., Haifa
Phone number:972-4-8536249

National Museum of Science Technology and Space

(about 10 min walking)

It is an innovating and fascinating modern center for the whole family, which familiarizes with science and technology in everyday life. ore than 250 interactive exhibits, which can be operated and experimented manually, by using methods of act and play by the visitors collaboration.
Address: 25, Shmeriyahu Levin St., Haifa/ 12 Balfur St. Hadar, Haifa
Phone number:
Opening hours: Summer Sunday-Mon-Wed-Thursday 10:00-18:00 Tuesday 10:00-19:30 Friday 10:00- 14:00 Saturday 10:00-18:00
Winter Sunday-Mon-Wed-Thursday 10:00-16:00 Tuesday 9:00-19:30 Friday 10:00- 14:00 Saturday 10:00-18:00

Mane Katz Museum

(about 10 min driving)

Changed exhibitions of arts by the famous artist Mane-Katz and variety collections of art from different fields: Judaic, furniture, carpets and more. This museum was his house and his Parisian studio in the past.
Address: 89, Yafe Nof St. Haifa
Phone number:
972-4- 8383482
Opening hours: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00-16:00 Tuesday 14:00-18:00 Friday 10:00-13:00 Saturday 10:00-14:00

National Maritime Museum

(about 15 min driving)

The history of seafaring and the development of shipbuilding in the Mediterranean presented all in changed exhibitions and the permanent exhibition of" 5000 years of shipping". Address: 198, Allenby St., Haifa
Phone number:
972-4- 8536622
Opening hours: Sunday-closed Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 10:30-16:00 Thursday 16:00-21:00 Friday
and holiday evenings 10:30-13:00 Saturday and holidays 10:30-15:00

The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art

(about 10 min driving)

Presents the Far East culture and Japan in the past and present. Address: 89 Hanassi Ave., Haifa
Phone number:
972-4- 8383554
Opening hours: Sunday-closed Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 10:30-16:00 Thursday 16:00-21:00 Friday and holiday evenings 10:30-13:00 Saturday and holidays 10:30-15:00
Hecht Museum of Reuven and Edith in Haifa
(about 15min driving)

Opening hours: Sunday-Monday-Wednesday-Thursday 10:00-16:00 Tuesday 10:00-19:00 Friday 10:00-13:00 Saturday 10:00-14:00
Buses number :24,30,36,37

The Haifa Museum of Art

(about 10 min walking)

Presents Modern art.
Address: 26 ,Shabtai Levi St., Haifa.
Phone number:
The Marc Chagall Artists' House in honor of Marc Chagall
(about 10 min walking)

Address: 24 Hatzionut Avenue, Haifa
Phone number:

The Railway Museum

(about 5 min driving)

Describes the way, which railroads developed out through the years of transportation of rails in Israel.
Address: 1 Hativat Golany Road (area of East railway station)
Phone number: 972-4-8564293
The Dagon Grain Museum
(about 10 min driving)

In this museum you will be able to find grain crops. All methods of treating the seeds of grain processed in pre- modern time.
Address: Palmer Square, Haifa
Phone number:
Buses: 10,15,16,17,18,21,22,41

The History of the City of Haifa Museum – ‘Beit Ha'am

(about 10 min driving)

This is the first house established by the Templers in the end of the 19th century at the German Colony. This building went under renovation and reconstruction work and today is served as a museum of the history of the city of Haifa.
Changing Exhibitions that are relevant to the city of Haifa .
Address: 11, Ben Gurion Avenue, German Colony, Haifa
Phone number:

Haifa Educational Zoo named on Louie Ariel Goldshmidt

(about 10 min driving)

The zoo has a large variety of animals to offer its visitors in a renovated and equipped garden. Modern animals shows, updated sighs, the reptiles display is one of the biggest collections of reptiles in the country, display of crocodiles, water birds, birds of prey, open zones of free animals attract the visitors to pet some of these animals.
Address: 124, Hatishbi St., Gan -Ha’em, Haifa.
Phone number:

Bat Galim Promenade

(about 15 min driving)
Walking tour along the cost line, with restaurants coffee houses and ice cream, diving and surfing clubs, and lower cable car station in Bat Galim Haifa.
Panorama Promenade – Louis Promenade

(about 10 min driving)
To stroll and relax in one of the most attractive beautiful panoramic view of Haifa city, vistas of the Galil mountains, the Bahai Gardens at its base, Acre, Rosh Hanikra, and Haifa bay, in a promenade which stretches along Yefe Nof St., close to the Carmel Center.

Sea beaches

(about 15-20 min driving)
A festive Mediterranean atmosphere in a big Riviera – a coastal strip stretches from the Quite beach along Bat Galim Promenade to the cable car terminal, and from there to Carmel Beach and the entertainment centers near Le Meridien Hotel, and further south to Dado Beach and the natural beach, all the way to Atlit. A wealth of entertainment and recreation sites all along the south beach promenade. Music and dancing, coffee houses on the beach, pubs, restaurants and endless activity for all the family, including toddlers' pool and play areas Bat Galim Beach, Quite Beach, Zamir Beach, Dado Beach, Lifeguard service in Summer.

Diving Off Haifa Beach

(about 15 min driving)

Impressive professional diving club, which presents its services to amateurs and qualified divers, familiarity dives, boat trips to diving sites, plus shop for equipment rental and purchase.
Address: 2 Hubert Humphrey St., Bat Galim Promenade Haifa.
Phone number:

Sculpture Garden

(about 10 min driving)

A garden with 29 bronze sculptures by Ursula Malbin. This is an ideal park for calm peaceful surroundings on the sight of amazing scenes. Open daily until 18:00.
Address: Hazionut Ave., corner of B' IN November Street.
Busses to arrive: 22,23,25,26

Haifa Cable Car – Yotveta Ba'ir

(about 15 min driving)

A spectacular panoramic views of Mount Carmel and the coast from cable car seen to the passengers. Open all weekdays.
Opening hours: Winter 10:00-18:00, Summer 9:00-22:00.
Address: Bat Galim Promenade (at the bottom), Stella Maris (upper)
Phone number:

Carmel Park

(about 20 min driving)

One of the Israel's largest parks, with a variety of activity sites picnic sites, spectacular view and leisure. You can find also lookout point it three directions of the nature reserve and nature free animals on the name of David Aizen.
Phone number: Park Hacarmel 972- 4-8228983

Carmelit – Haifas' underground railway

(5 min walking)

(5 min walking) This is the underground of Haifa city and the shortest in the whole world. It leads from the bottom of Downtown City through Hadar up to Mercaz Hacarmel – the upper and last station that is also close to all attraction on Mercaz Hacarmel (zoo, shopping malls – panorama center, restaurants Gan ha’em etc.) Close to the station at the bottom line of the Carmelit lie all government offices in Kiriat Hamemshala and most of businesses in Haifa.
Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 6:00 – 22:00
Friday and holiday evenings 6:00-15:00 Saturday – closed

Gan Ha’em Garden

(about 10 min driving)

It is a perfect combination of lawns, an attractive promenade, and children's play areas aside coffee houses in the Carmel Center. Along wheelchairs accessible and it is daily opened to public.
Address : Hannassi boulevards Carmel Center.
Buses: 21,22,23,28,37 Carmelit – Gan Ha’em station.


Haifa city is blessed with 3 kinds of big colorful markets. Haifa's markets draw you into a fascinating world of aromas flavors ,vegetable and spice stalls ,fresh baked goods and much more fresh best agricultural goods which is brought to the markets direct from farmers fields.

Western Galil

Acre city (about 30 min driving)

It is one of the most important old cities of the world a site of world legacy of UNASKO. Remains from Helenistic era- Roman, buildings from Crusaders era, the middle ages, Napolion's concurs until the Othman era. The Saint John line buildings, the Crusaders underground city, Chan El Omdan, El Gazer mosque, the Turkish Hammam (today the public museum) the Bahai shrine and more. Sites nearby: Tel Megido – a national archeological park, Lochamei Haggetaot Museum from the holocast, Tsipori , Santa Anna monastery, Chorapish (Druz village and a holly grave), Achziv reserve and Rosh Hanikra an amazing cliff famous for its caves and more.

Daliat El Carmel and Osfie

(about 15 min driving)

The Muchraka Monastery, Oliphant House, the tourists market, village restaurants, galleries and a factory of hand-made crafts which are authentic.

Carmelim and Caesarea

Caesarea (about 30 min driving)

The old city of King Herod, presents past famous remains history and religion from Helenistic era (3 hundred decades before counting) until the Crusaders era (the 12th century). It has a very beautiful old Roman theatre, the remains of buildings and palaces, Hipodrom at the national archeological park from the most beautiful in Israel.
More sites nearby: Zichron Yaacov, Biniamina, Ein Hod Artists village- very artistic cities which present its visitors large amount of fun and culture, art and history, including good wine -cellars, coffee houses and restaurants, art galleries, and observatory points of view with such a pastoral scenes, gardens and museums.