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for Baha'i pilgrim
A new bus line number 115 near the hotel direct to the Bahai Shrine.
In additional, we offer a rebate for a train ticket from the Ben - Gurion airport will be given upon a reservation of 9 nights or over, until 31.12.2012.
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Baha’i Gardens (about 5-10 min driving, 15 min walking)
The Bahai Shrine, its’ golden cap and the fascinating attractive gardens around it are altogether the Bahai World Center of the Bahai faith religion which motto is equality, tolerance and visual esthetic.
The international attraction of Haifa city presents those Baha’i Gardens, which are most spectacular worthwhile visiting. The gardens are spread up from top of mount Carmel down to Haifa German colony and the bay and altogether create amazing scene day and night. 19 terraces of gardens, fountains, and promenades, which are wide, open to visitors no charge. There are also guided tours and open areas attractions for visitors, observation points viewing breathtaking unique scenery.

אמנות תלויים מקום

Open areas for visitors

Upper part gardens terrace 19 are located in Yefe Nof St. – only observatory point, Shrine area and gardens around on Hatzionut boulevard – and bottom first terrace on Hagefen St. Visitors must appear in descent clothing, otherwise wouldn’t be let inside holy places for the Baha’i.

הגנים הבהאיים

Guided tours in the Baha’i Gardens

should be ordered in advance through Haifa tourist Board – invitation center of the Baha’i Gardens free of charge- phone number 04-8313131.The tours are every hour only between opening hours of the gardens between 9:00-17:00 each and every day. Estimated time is 45 minutes. Proper shoes should be taken into consideration and also decent clothing (not bare shoulders) and a hat is recommended to cover your head.

Opening hours

The Baha’i Gardens are open most days of the year with no charge, all week days accept 9 days of Bahai holidays on the following dates: 21/3, 21/4, 29/4, 2/5, 29/5, and 4 more holly days additional at changing dates. Terraces viewpoints opening hours: 9:00-17:00 only The Shrine of the Bab inside is open only for one hour early in the morning between 9:00-10:00. The Shrine gardens around are open between 9:00-12:00.

הגנים הבהאיים

Transportation To Bahai Gardens

In Haifa: The Bahai Terraces & Gardens are in a walking distance or a short drive from our hotel.
Walking: In direction to the main gate of the shrine and Pilgrim Reception Centre, 54 Hazionut st. Haifa, tel: 04-8358720. 30 minutes walking distance from the Gallery Haifa Hotel: Exit through the main door of the hotel to Herzel st, turn right and keep walking until you reach Shabtai Levi st.,turn left to Hazionut st. until you reach the Pilgrim Reception Centre.
By taxi: 10 minutes drive from Gallery Haifa Hotel.
By Bus: to the shrine and Pilgrim Reception Centre 15 minutes from Gallery Haifa hotel. Exit through the main door of the hotel to Herzel st, turn right and keep walking until you reach Hanevi’im st. At the bus station, take bus no. 23. Ask the driver to announce when arriving to the Bahai shrine main gate.

הגנים הבהאיים

Transportation To Bahai Gardens In Akko

Direct transportation:
Mini Bus reservation (up to 7 passengers): Please reserve at the Front Desk at least 24 hours in advance. Public transportation:
Taxi: the station is in the neighborhood. Bus: Daily, except on Saturday.

Airport Transportation

Ben-Gurion International airport is accessible by train, bus or taxi.