Art Gallery Hotel Haifa - Hani Laron

The modern combination of the words "to take something out of context" takes on a new meaning via the kettles statue of Ofra Amikam.
The statue's parts that are interwoven on top of each other like beads in a necklace no longer function as useful objects. The ceramic kettle is no longer capable of pouring a hot drink and one can no longer drink from the ceramic demitasse.
The traditional functions of the kettle and the demitasse have been replaced by the envelope of objects supporting textile forms and models, rhymes written from Hebrew songs and artificial flowers modeled after the natural environment of the artist in the Galilee.
When this formal and colorful abundance tempts the observer to draw closer, the latter will find him/herself reading the words of the song marked on the kettle, some of which relate to the shattering of frameworks and instruments.
The words of the songs, the artificial local flowers and the road maps sketching imaginary links between places, offer the chance to read anew the phenomena and the contexts that envelop us on all sides.